German Shepherds and Golden Retriever playing at WolfBrook Dog Club & Park

WolfBrook Dog Club & Park, founded in 1996, is a full-service dog destination. Developed with dogs and their owners in mind, WolfBrook offers a unique environment for you and your dog to interact in a variety of ways. Be it training, exercise, socialization or care for your dog while you are away, WolfBrook has it all.


  • Expert Dog Training with our Experienced, Proven Trainers

  • All-Inclusive Daycare and Boarding

  • 12 Acre Private Dog Park

  • Nature Trails and Creek

  • 1 Acre Fully Fenced Competition and Training Field

  • 1200 sf Indoor Training Room with Rubber Flooring 


How WolfBrook is different.

Our mission is to provide the best possible collection of physical, human and canine resources available to our community of canines and canine enthusiasts. The resources we provide improve all aspects of human/canine relationships. Our staff, including our personal canines, combined with superior physical resources, compose a powerful organization. WolfBrook offers solutions unavailable outside of a community with our devotion to a wider, more social, complete solution.