"A little slice of doggy heaven."

In early 1996, we began the search for the "ultimate" dog property. The goal was to find a place that would allow for a European style training field, a clubhouse for owners and their dogs to enjoy, a space to kennel dogs and finally a nice big space for playing, exploring and socializing, hopefully with access to water. After trudging through countless properties in multiple counties, the perfect spot was found. Although at the time it looked more like an overgrown pasture (which it basically was), we could see how the property could evolve. The goal was to establish usable space while preserving the natural elements and access to the creek and soon to be nature trails. The field was cleared, fencing repaired and adjusted, wood chips spread to allow for walking areas and the clubhouse and kennel established. The property will always be a work in progress and will continue to evolve along with the needs of our guests. 

Annette Holbrook with Umarek von Hügelblick SchHB, relaxing after training.

Annette's first purebred dog, Rage, was a Rottweiler, not the easiest breed to compete with in AKC competitions. Annette and Rage, however, were successful competitors, achieving the equivalent of a canine hat trick; titles in conformation, obedience and temperament!
More recently, Annette's competition record with her Beauceron, Java, is unique and distinguished. Very few working dogs compete successfully in both the working and conformation arenas. Not only was Java an FCI (the International dog breed club) World Champion in working dog conformation competition, she was one of a very few Beaucerons to have distinguished themselves in Schutzhund working dog trials. Java is also an American and Puerto Rican Champion as well as a certified Canine Good Citizen. Additionally, Annette earned Excellent ratings (the highest awarded in the United States) with 3 separate Beaucerons in the first National Elevage held in the United States. Annette has also handled dogs for others and conducted classes on showing dogs in conformation and obedience.
In addition to being a certified AKC CGC Evaluator, Annette currently serves as President of the local Schutzhund Training Club, Copper Creek DVG as well as being recently elected as President of the United States Lancashire Heeler Club.

Pat Klausman on the competition field with Axel von Neff, CD, CDX, CGC, ATTS, IPO3

We are happy to announce an addition to our staff --- Pat Klausman is well-known and very well respected in dog circles for her longevity, success, and depth of experience in the sport of competitive dog obedience.

Pat’s credentials include:
----Built and operated Pet Lodge Kennels in Alpharetta for 12 years
----Developed and promoted the Pekay line of Golden Retrievers. These Goldens are easily recognizable and nationally respected.
----Has competed actively in AKC obedience competition for over 30 years in field trials, conformation, tracking, and hunt tests. She competed at her first AKC dog show at the age of 11 (Pat, not the dog!). She has earned AKC titles ranging from Companion Dog (CD) to Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh) on multiple dogs from multiple breeds. In addition, she has competed in the sport of Schutzhund for over 15 years, and has titled more than 7 German Shepherd Dogs in that sport. She recently received her 92nd individual title on a dog!!

----Has taught, very successfully, multi-level obedience classes at Pet Lodge and satellite locations for over 12 years before selling the kennel and has continued teaching classes and doing individual training for several years after that.

This experience has given her valuable exposure to most all the popular breeds, as well as many not-so-popular, giving her a working knowledge of a very wide range of dog temperaments and personalities (and people too).

Pat has energy, experience, and humor to offer in teaching many levels of dog training - so come and be educated, as well as entertained.

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