Beauceron in the dog park.

Violet, a young Beauceron, enjoys the creek on a summer day.

Our private dog park is just one more way WolfBrook allows you and your dog to spend time together in a safe, beautiful environment. All handlers wishing to use the park and training facilities will be required to take a handler’s test. This test is needed to determine the handler’s control over their dog and assign them a membership status. All use of the club will be determined by the status achieved during ongoing testing. Our goal is to promote handler skills that will make our club a safer, more enjoyable environment.

There will be three levels of membership. Any dog who is not an aggression risk can obtain yellow status regardless of the training level they and their handler test at. To achieve green status the handler and dog must demonstrate the ability to do a down stay and a recall with distraction while off-leash. The blue level park access is for dogs and handlers who have passed a BH temperament test and/or dogs and handlers who are trained and tested in a working or service capacity.
There are no hard lines regarding the status levels and WolfBrook reserves the right to judge each dog and handler on their own merits.

Once tested, each member will receive a color coded badge that they will be required to display while at WolfBrook. Status is not permanent and testing and training will be ongoing in an effort to maintain the highest level of control and therefore access. Infractions may result in a status downgrade. Training help will be available at all Yellow level field times as well as other WolfBrook and Copper Creek functions.

Yellow Status – $25 per month, use of fenced fields during Yellow times, obedience help is provided the first 20 minutes of Field time. The fenced field will be staffed during all Yellow posted times. $10 second dog.

Green Status – $35 per month, all of the above plus use of Creekside park during posted hours. Access to 2 scheduled events monthly, example tracking seminar, club pizza night, etc. $10 second dog.

Blue Status  – $35 per month, all of the above plus additional use of the facility for training during posted hours. Use of crates (when available) and access to bathing area. (This membership is automatic for any handler who has passed a Schutzhund BH exam) $10 second dog.

Tours and Evaluations are by appointment only, call to schedule a visit! 770-772-0440