oie_23356222gebmI2VWhy should I train at WolfBrook?

Simply put, to get results! We work with both you and your dog to help you achieve the happy, confident and well-mannered family companion you always hoped for.

Starting with getting and keeping your dog’s attention, our motivational, personalized training options are designed to get your and your dog working on practical, effective behaviors immediately. You will learn what inspires your dog to work with you and we will give you the tools to maintain these skills for the life of your dog.


oie_2335538Fhy7GQEuWhat should I look for in a trainer?

In a nutshell, relevant experience and a solid track record of success.

WolfBrook’s trainers have earned multiple titles on many different breeds and across a broad range of competitions and certifications. These nationally recognized trainers and their students have delivered top performances in obedience and conformation, field trials, hunt tests and even the demanding disciplines of Schutzhund and Police K9 certifications. We are proud to claim a depth and breadth of experience and success unmatched anywhere in Georgia.


oie_233529aiqeGxtWWhen is the best time to start training?

You already are :D. Your new dog or puppy is learning from the moment you bring him home.

So why not get started right away teaching your dog desired behaviors instead of bad habits? Due to our unique, open enrollment style classes you can get started as soon as it is convenient for you.